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Grit Blasting in Kansas City

traditional sandblasting in kansas city from blast-it-clean

Sandblasting is a naturally occurring phenomenon of sand and winds eroding the face of nearly everything it touches. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that technology had allowed man to harness this phenomenon. Over the last 100+ years it has constantly evolved into modern sandblasting.

Traditional Sandblasting or Grit Media Blasting requires an increased investment in equipment. There are fewer companies offering this type of service than in level one, but you are still exposed to contractors who are just starting out and renting the necessary equipment to perform the service. Contractors in this category are prone to make their solution fit your challenge, versus finding the correct solution for the challenge. This type of blasting is done through what is typically known as a “contractors pot”. These pots have no pressure regulation valves like the type that are found on your other cleaning options. While most any media can be run through these pots primarily it is just the traditional grit medias. Traditional sandblasting is considerably more dusty than other forms of blasting. Due to health concerns, limited uses that traditional sandblasting affords, and government regulations, sand is no longer a blast media used within our company.

Examples of Grit Media:

  • Sand
  • Black Beauty

Blast-it-Clean monitors the different Grit Media that are available for use on a regular basis.

Sand is generally comprised of river sand. While it comes in many forms the most common is a 16/40 mesh. Due to free silicas, this media is slowly being phased out by most government agency regulations.

Black Beauty is a coal slag product that is the workhorse of the blasting industry.
This media has an excellent cutting capability. It can generate deep profile on metal surfaces very quickly. When working in a closed space it can generate large amounts of dust.