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Specialty Media Blasting in Kansas City

kansas city specialty media blasting and cleaning from blast-it-clean

Specialty Media Blasting requires the use of a specialized, custom media blast pot. These pots are not available on a rental basis. The knowledge and training required to successfully utilize this equipment is essential to the success on projects utilizing this method of cleaning and stripping. While a majority of the media typically found in this category can be used in traditional sandblasting, with the addition of valves to the pressurized pot we can control the amount of pressure and the amount of media being used to fine tune the cleaning to specific jobs.

Examples of Specialty Media:

  • Crushed Glass
  • Glass Bead
  • Corn Cob
  • Garnet
  • Steel Shot
  • Shot
  • Walnut Shell
  • Coal Slag
  • And many others

Crushed Glass is typically recycled glass that has been ground down into fine particles. It comes in various sizes from fine for delicate jobs to larger coarse sizes for more aggressive applications. There are several different types of ground glass, such as Starblast that are made from the same type of glass used in windshields ideal for very specific applications.

Glass Bead is refined glass made into uniform beads. As with most of the specialty medias it comes in a variety of sizes. It creates a very uniform profile on the substrate making it ideal for use on stainless steel, brass, copper and other finish metals.

Corn Cobb is a blast product made from the ground up cobs of seed corn. After the seed has been removed, the cobs are transferred to the grinding mill to grind and then graded for the blasting industry. The ground cob comes in several different grades. The grading system used is similar to that of sandpaper. The lower the grade number the larger and more aggressive the corncob size. Corn cob Is very popular in removing sealer from log cabins as it is organic so not harmful to the surrounding vegetation and soft enough to not damage the wood of the home.

Garnet is a natural mineral mined from the ground. It has similar properties to sand but considerably less dust. Due to the fact that it is a mined product is more expensive but ideal for situations where sand would be ideal but dust would be a concern.

Blast-it-Clean has the ability to blast with many different media. We have even assisted in making custom medias for certain jobs where outside contaminants are a concern. While the number of blastable media is virtually endless here at Blast-it-Clean we take great care to ensure we choose not only the best media to get the job done but also the one that is most cost effective for the problem at hand.