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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Assistance (BC/DR or BCDR)

An ongoing relationship with Blast-it-Clean provides:

  • A superior favored solution for Cost Conscious CFO’s – Risk Managers – Insurance Carriers who are managing the cost of the loss and the impact of a Business Interruption Claim.
  • An Experienced Steady Calming Presence during a time of great stress.
  • Reduction of down time by up to 40%. We focus on stopping the bleeding starting with the first call.
  • Assistance 24 Hours/Day – 365 Days/Year.

Why do we help?

Not many companies have the resources and staffing to maintain a staffed Disaster Recovery Contingency Plan. The challenge starts when you need to create and implement this plan during the chaos that comes with any disaster. Through years of experience we have established our company as a calm, steady influence during a very stressful times. By engaging Blast-it-Clean, you are tapping into years of disaster recovery experience. With this experience comes the knowledge base necessary to help our clients negotiate these trying times.

When we are engaged, we develop and implement a plan to stop the economic bleeding that business interruption causes. This planning helps companies resume operations and get back to business as usual, faster than those companies that use the old fashioned approach. The Blast-it-Clean approach is credited with reducing down time by up to 40%.

How do we help?

The Blast-it-Clean approach takes a process that used to be done by hand and replaces it with a state-of-the-art cleaning method. The use of our methodology will shrink the cleaning phase of the project time by a factor of 10-25%. There have been isolated cases where this factor is much greater.

When this is coupled with our ability to operate multiple machines working around the clock the timeline for getting back up and running is reduced significantly.

In a board room setting, this systematic approach wins thumbs up approval from the CEO, CFO, Risk Manager, the Company’s Insurance Carrier and the Team handling the recovery and restoration.

Time Line Management

One of Blast-it-Clean’s unique strengths is our staff and equipment. Through our team member training, volume of equipment and system redundancies we have developed the ability to operate multiple machines. Our trained work force has grown large enough to support projects that are large enough to warrant working around the clock to achieve early completion.

Where do we go?

Our corporate headquarters are based in Kansas City providing access to any point within the Continental United States.