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Our Blasting & Cleaning Services

Media Blasting & Cleaning Methods

Since its inception, Blast-it-Clean has worked to assist its customers to match the best solution to their coatings removal or cleaning need. Blast-it-Clean is the only company in the region that covers the entire Pyramid of Cleaning. Couple this with Blast-it-Clean’s coating expertise and you have a unique company that can handle any of your cleaning, stripping and painting requirements.

The Pyramid of Cleaning shows the different cleaning and stripping options you have at your disposal. When selecting an industrial cleaning and stripping contractor it is important that you verify their skill set and determine that the company you select can solve your problem or issue. Blast-it-Clean can help you select the best application best suited for your need.

Our five-step systematic approach to problem-solving delivers results!

1. Identify the Problem
2. Inspect the site to gather information for creating a solution.
3. Select the right tool from the Pyramid of Cleaning
4. Implement the Solution
5. Verify that the desired results are being produced