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Grit Blasting & Cleaning Photos

Various Before and After Pictures from Blast-It-Clean

Various Items Cleaned and Prepped utilizing our Dustless method which can use any media heavier than water. Sand, Baking Soda, Crushed Glass are just a few examples that can be run through the machine.

Various items Cleaned and Prepped Utilizing Baking Soda Media

Various items cleaned with Coal Slag. One of the workhorses in the sandblasting industry, Coal Slag can come in many forms such as Black Beauty and Star Blast.

Various projects involving Confined Space entry and cleaning, hazardous waste cleaning, and other special project.

Various items cleaned and blasted using ground corn cob.

Custom Containment and Negative Air Solutions Designed for specific jobs that require unique challenges to dust control.

Various Items Cleaned and Prepped with Dry Ice

Items such as stainless steel, brass, etc. cleaned and blasted using glass bead.

Various Pictures of different places we have take Graffiti off of. We utilize both dry and wet systems depending on the surface and type of Graffiti.

Various projects including equipment and structures we have repainted after prepping

We use powerwashing to take care of graffiti and various other structures that need to be cleaned, but need to have the level of the cleaning that some of our other options provide.

Various Items Cleaned and Prepped utilizing SpongeJet Media.

Various items cleaned and Prepped with Grit Medias such as Sand, Crush Glass, etc.