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Kansas City Crossroads Interior Building Historical Renovation

Historical Renovation Kansas City Crossroads 1

Historical Renovation Crossroads Kansas City Before 2Earlier this year, we completed a Historical Renovation on a building in the Crossroads District in Kansas City, Missouri. The owner of the property wanted to renovate the historical building to a more modern and updated living space. In order to get the surface our customer wanted, we removed the wood stain, dirt and grime from stairs, stair railing, walls in several rooms so the wood would match the rest of the interior changes for the property. This project presented several challenges such as: containing our dust to our centralized blast areas to reduce the dust exposure to the rest of the property and removing the buildup listed above with damage to the wood. Another challenge was the varying level of decay or condition in the wood paneling and floor. This challenge was most notable in the stairwell where the dark stain or possible damage could prove more difficult to remove evenly similar to the rest of the wood paneling. Fortunately, we were able to clean the surfaces without any unknown or unforeseen problems that can arise in projects like these.

Kansas City Crossroads Historical Renovation After 2When performing Historical Renovation, it is important for us to recognize the difference between cleaning and damaging a surface because of the lasting effects on the surface that cannot be undone. Due to our process, communication and expertise we were able to complete this project to the specification and desired outcome of our customer. If you or someone you know has a Historical Renovation where the walls, floors, or ceiling need to be stripped, cleaned or maybe you had a problem you do not know how to solve, then give us a call at Blast It Clean. We’d love to help you on your next historical renovation project. Thank you for reading our blog.

Kansas City Crossroads Historical Renovation After 4

Kansas City Crossroads Historical Renovation before 3

Kansas City Crossroads Historical Renovation After 3

Kansas City Crossroads Historical Renovation After 4