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Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Food Production Facility

dos and dont food production cleaning kansas cityWhen it comes to working in food production, there are many rules and regulations put in place in order to ensure the safety of consumers. Avoiding hazards is something that is easily accomplished when you have your “checklist” in place. This ensures that you have met all the requirements of the FDA, while keeping you on track to successfully meet your goals. With so many things to keep track of, unexpected machine malfunctions can throw a huge wrench in your plans of success. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind to ensure the maintenance of your facility runs smoothly.

Proper Working Conditions

Do maintain proper working conditions. The surrounding environment can affect your facility’s machines, whether it’s unclean conditions or the machine has been sitting stagnant for too long. With this in mind, giving your workers the tools they need to successfully complete their tasks is important. Regular maintenance of these machines keeps them running efficiently and effectively.
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Preventative Maintenance

Don’t ignore cleaning your machines until you start having issues.
Do maintain regular maintenance. Regular maintenance within the work environment is something that will help with the overall life of your machines. Daily cleaning will ensure they run smoothly, yet finely tuned machines also require other forms of regular maintenance, just like a car. Even “deep” cleaning within facilities doesn’t provide the machine with the functionality it requires; someone must come in to diagnose any ensuing issues. Many of these issues are avoided with regular maintenance. Not just having someone come in to “tune-up” your machine, but to also regularly schedule removal of any buildup that can cause malfunction or slowing down of your machine.

Methods of Cleaning

Do call a professional. When it comes to taking the next step in machine maintenance there are different companies that can provide you with these services. But what are your specific requirements and how will this company meet them? With different production lines currently up and running, there isn’t a “one size fits all” in this scenario. Shopping your options will ensure you get the highest quality work done.

Do account for disassembly time of any equipment if your chosen cleaning method requires it. This is important when calculating how long your production line will need to be shut down.  Be sure to this before the contractor arrives so you don’t waste money paying them to wait on you.

Do ask your cleaning contractor which medium would be best for cleaning your facility. You may have read a lot about baking soda blasting or sandblasting online, but perhaps dry ice blasting would be a more cost-efficient and safer choice for your food production facility.

Don’t chose a contractor that will select the improper cleaning material for your facility or that can only clean the flooring and walls but not your equipment. Why would you generate more waste with the improper choice of medium? That would just lead to more time spent preparing for cleaning, time spent cleaning up after the cleaning, and ultimately more quality control issues in your food production facility.


Don’t compromise on quality of cleaning or safety. Rather than assuming or trusting that every cleaning company follows rules and regulations, ask the contractor for their safety record. How do they document safety throughout a job? If you still have questions about a company, check out ISNetworld and (if your company is already a registered owner or client) connect with the contractor to get a better overview of their past safety record and overall success.

Don’t take their word for it. Request references of similar projects to find out for yourself if the company is likely to complete the project well and on time.

Learn more about your options by checking out our blog, see our before and after gallery, or call (816) 241-9199 and talk to one of our team members to find the best solution for your unique cleaning challenges.