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DIY Industrial Cleaning is Risky Business

diy cleaning risks blast it clean kcYour employees are great! They are productive, conscientious, take care of the equipment, and they clean up their respective work areas. However, production is most important at your food production facility and keeping up regular maintenance, and avoiding costly shut downs to conduct more thorough cleaning, is a tough balance. You don’t have time to slow down production, but you have to pass inspections and avoid quality issues. You notice those areas where all indications are you will have to shut down and clean. If not, it will be costly. You weigh the pros and cons between cleaning using your staff or hiring a contractor. As you do, don’t forget these top 3 hidden costs of in-house industrial cleaning.


Most importantly, can your staff safely clean your facility and equipment? They will need in depth training and expert knowledge of the equipment, chemicals, and solutions used. In addition to the necessary knowledge about the hazards of the chemicals and techniques used, you will need to be able to identify and acquire the required protective gear and the other proper equipment. Do you know which solutions to use on which surfaces? Are your cleaning methods FDA/USDA approved?

Consider the dangers of high places, moving equipment, or tight and confined spaces. What is the plan for hazardous waste disposal? Is the risk of injury to one of your productive workers, or a safety violation, worth any possible savings in time and money? Safety and risk mitigation are the most critical tasks in business.

Cost of Production Losses

Loss mitigation is another critical factor for successful business. How long will it take your workers to clean as thoroughly as is necessary? What happens if it takes longer than planned? The benefit of having a professional, trained crew do the cleaning is that your staff can do more productive, and profitable, work.

What’s the cost if you don’t clean your facility? Failed inspections and forced shut downs, quality issues and product recalls, and other losses of productivity can quickly lose money. We often see production facilities replacing their equipment long before the end of its intended life because they fail to schedule routine maintenance. Instead of buying new equipment, it might be worth your time and money to maintain your expensive industrial machinery from the beginning.

Having the Proper Training, Equipment, and Cleaning Solutions

Do you have the right equipment and cleaning solutions in your inventory? Are your workers trained to the job in compliance with safety standards and do they know how to properly use the required equipment? Will the methods work? Maybe, maybe not.

Is it really worth the attempt if the in-house cleaning fails? Because then, at the end of the day, a professional cleaning contractor gets called to finish the job anyhow. Additionally, the job becomes more time consuming and even more costly if in-house cleaning methods or solutions caused collateral damage to production equipment.

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