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Current Project – Kansas City Plaza Balcony Restoration

Kansas City Plaza Condominium Restoration Before 2


Plaza Balcony Restoration before 3Blast It Clean is currently completing a Kansas City Plaza Balcony Restoration. Come see us off 49th Street and Wornall in the Kansas City Plaza area. We have partnered with Mid-Continental Restoration to media blast and paint the existing balconies for the condominium building. The building is 13 stories tall and each balcony is 240 square feet. We are restoring the balconies because the existing coating is failing and moisture is getting behind the existing coating, which could cause potential damage to the concrete and ultimately the integrity of the balcony.

Kansas City Plaza Balcony Restoration during 1This project is not your average blast and paint project. Dust is an issue given the foot traffic and location just across the street from the Intercontinental Hotel at the Plaza. To resolve those concerns, this project requires full dust containment for each balcony with fan and negative airflow. The dust containment system maintains an air flow system to keep the dust from escaping to surrounding areas in the condominium building but also from reaching the streets below. This project is set up to continue for several additional months from now. Come check us out on this Plaza Balcony Restoration Project! If you or someone you know has a problem with failing paint or you might have some restoration needs in an area where you do not think it’s possible then give us a call at Blast It Clean. We can help and if he can’t we will send you to someone who can. Thank you for reading our blog.
Kansas City Balcony view overlooking Plaza

View from lift for Kansas City Plaza Balcony Restoration