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Fire Restoration Dry Ice Cleaning Commercial Property



Before pictures of fire restoration dry ice cleaning

Earlier this year, we completed a Fire Restoration Dry Ice cleaning project on a commercial property in Kansas City, Kansas. The building had an interior fire that caused the businesses using the building to be interrupted. We were called in by a local contractor to clean and remove the soot and char from the concrete sealing left from the previous fire. Often for Fire Restoration project such as this one, there are two primary blast materials that are used to remove soot and char: Baking Soda and Dry Ice. For this project, Dry Ice was selected as the blasting material because other trades were working in the same area where the blasting took place. The low dust option of Dry Ice cleaning made it the clear option.

Picture during fire restoration dry ice cleaningThe project totaled over 10,000 square feet of concrete ceiling to be cleaned within a 2 day time frame. We completed the project utilizing a 3 man crew with 2 men performing dry ice cleaning. A total of 6,000 lbs of Dry Ice was used in 2 days with 2 blasters to meet the tight project deadline. Projects like this where catastrophe strikes in a commercial or industrial environment are where we truly succeed. We are experts in projects requiring a level of ingenuity to find the right solution, process, and production. If you have a project with a tight deadline, large production needs requiring machines and manpower, or you have a problem you do not know how to solve then give us a call we can help. Even if we may not be the right solution to your problem, we want to help you get the results you want. Thank you for reading our blog. Be sure to check out the video on this project coming soon.

Side by Side picture of fire restoration dry ice cleaning

After picture of dry ice cleaning fire restoration

The Safest & Quickest Way to Clean Your Food Production Facility: Dry Ice Blasting

safest quickest cleaning method dry ice blast it cleanKeeping your food production facility clean is a huge concern. Between the equipment and the facility itself, there are many places that food particles can get stuck. While this might not seem harmful to production, you know that the leftover food particles make the perfect home for bacteria. Even worse, you’ve learned that many ways of cleaning are not thorough or efficient enough for your needs. You’ve done your research and have heard about dry ice blasting, but how will you know if it’s the best cleaning method for your facility?

How It Works

Our team uses rice sized pellets of dry ice at temperatures near -109 degrees Fahrenheit, or -78.5 degrees Celsius. These particles are softer than sand meaning they don’t damage the surface they’re cleaning. It’s such a gentle method that it can be used to clean the dust off of books!
The dry ice explodes at a high velocity against the material needing removed. It shrinks and loosens it up for easy removal. The ice penetrates the surface, warms, and converts back to carbon dioxide gas. The loose material gets disposed of afterwards by simple vacuuming leaving no additional waste besides the material removed from your surfaces.  

Here’s a case study of how one food production facility was able to minimize shutdown with the use of dry ice cleaning!see how dry ice blasting saves time and money

Why Its Good For Food Production Facilities

Many food facilities effectively utilize this method. It is safe to use with food processing equipment of all materials and can be completed quickly since there is no need to change cleaning methods between surfaces. Even the FDA, EPA, and USDA approve of this system as it’s considered nontoxic. It also benefits employees by reducing time spent in contact with chemical cleaning agents.

One little known fact is that dry ice stops mold and mildew growth. This is extremely important in food production facilities. It also eliminates fungi and removes odors by destroying the odor causing bacteria. This is safer and more effective than using chemicals to mask the smell these bacteria cause.

This method of cleaning is 100% ecologically safe. It doesn’t harm humans, animals, or marine life. There is also no secondary waste generated by the method, making it the preferred cleaning method for environmentally motivated companies since.

Why Choose Blast-It-Clean

Our record here at Blast-It-Clean shows our commitment to safety and doing a job right. We’ve had no recorded OSHA accidents since starting in 2001. The Blast-It-Clean Employer Experience Modifier Rating was .78 in 2016. Since 2008, we have been a registered contractor with ISNetworld.

Our technicians have the training to work in all environments and closely follow our processes to document the safety throughout each aspect of the project. If there is a problem, we have insurance for that too. We can even provide references so that you can be sure we will do the job correctly in the the timeframe we quote you.

We are results oriented. A job isn’t done unless it is done right. We are able to work 24 hours around the clock to get a job done on time and minimize shutdown of your food production facility. Contact us today to learn more about dry ice blasting and other services.

DIY Industrial Cleaning is Risky Business

diy cleaning risks blast it clean kcYour employees are great! They are productive, conscientious, take care of the equipment, and they clean up their respective work areas. However, production is most important at your food production facility and keeping up regular maintenance, and avoiding costly shut downs to conduct more thorough cleaning, is a tough balance. You don’t have time to slow down production, but you have to pass inspections and avoid quality issues. You notice those areas where all indications are you will have to shut down and clean. If not, it will be costly. You weigh the pros and cons between cleaning using your staff or hiring a contractor. As you do, don’t forget these top 3 hidden costs of in-house industrial cleaning.


Most importantly, can your staff safely clean your facility and equipment? They will need in depth training and expert knowledge of the equipment, chemicals, and solutions used. In addition to the necessary knowledge about the hazards of the chemicals and techniques used, you will need to be able to identify and acquire the required protective gear and the other proper equipment. Do you know which solutions to use on which surfaces? Are your cleaning methods FDA/USDA approved?

Consider the dangers of high places, moving equipment, or tight and confined spaces. What is the plan for hazardous waste disposal? Is the risk of injury to one of your productive workers, or a safety violation, worth any possible savings in time and money? Safety and risk mitigation are the most critical tasks in business.

Cost of Production Losses

Loss mitigation is another critical factor for successful business. How long will it take your workers to clean as thoroughly as is necessary? What happens if it takes longer than planned? The benefit of having a professional, trained crew do the cleaning is that your staff can do more productive, and profitable, work.

What’s the cost if you don’t clean your facility? Failed inspections and forced shut downs, quality issues and product recalls, and other losses of productivity can quickly lose money. We often see production facilities replacing their equipment long before the end of its intended life because they fail to schedule routine maintenance. Instead of buying new equipment, it might be worth your time and money to maintain your expensive industrial machinery from the beginning.

Having the Proper Training, Equipment, and Cleaning Solutions

Do you have the right equipment and cleaning solutions in your inventory? Are your workers trained to the job in compliance with safety standards and do they know how to properly use the required equipment? Will the methods work? Maybe, maybe not.

Is it really worth the attempt if the in-house cleaning fails? Because then, at the end of the day, a professional cleaning contractor gets called to finish the job anyhow. Additionally, the job becomes more time consuming and even more costly if in-house cleaning methods or solutions caused collateral damage to production equipment.

Blast-it-Clean are safety minded professionals. See for yourself how we use dry ice blasting and do the job right the first time in this case study!
see how dry ice blasting saves time and money

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Food Production Facility

dos and dont food production cleaning kansas cityWhen it comes to working in food production, there are many rules and regulations put in place in order to ensure the safety of consumers. Avoiding hazards is something that is easily accomplished when you have your “checklist” in place. This ensures that you have met all the requirements of the FDA, while keeping you on track to successfully meet your goals. With so many things to keep track of, unexpected machine malfunctions can throw a huge wrench in your plans of success. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind to ensure the maintenance of your facility runs smoothly.

Proper Working Conditions

Do maintain proper working conditions. The surrounding environment can affect your facility’s machines, whether it’s unclean conditions or the machine has been sitting stagnant for too long. With this in mind, giving your workers the tools they need to successfully complete their tasks is important. Regular maintenance of these machines keeps them running efficiently and effectively.
see how dry ice blasting saves time and money longer

Preventative Maintenance

Don’t ignore cleaning your machines until you start having issues.
Do maintain regular maintenance. Regular maintenance within the work environment is something that will help with the overall life of your machines. Daily cleaning will ensure they run smoothly, yet finely tuned machines also require other forms of regular maintenance, just like a car. Even “deep” cleaning within facilities doesn’t provide the machine with the functionality it requires; someone must come in to diagnose any ensuing issues. Many of these issues are avoided with regular maintenance. Not just having someone come in to “tune-up” your machine, but to also regularly schedule removal of any buildup that can cause malfunction or slowing down of your machine.

Methods of Cleaning

Do call a professional. When it comes to taking the next step in machine maintenance there are different companies that can provide you with these services. But what are your specific requirements and how will this company meet them? With different production lines currently up and running, there isn’t a “one size fits all” in this scenario. Shopping your options will ensure you get the highest quality work done.

Do account for disassembly time of any equipment if your chosen cleaning method requires it. This is important when calculating how long your production line will need to be shut down.  Be sure to this before the contractor arrives so you don’t waste money paying them to wait on you.

Do ask your cleaning contractor which medium would be best for cleaning your facility. You may have read a lot about baking soda blasting or sandblasting online, but perhaps dry ice blasting would be a more cost-efficient and safer choice for your food production facility.

Don’t chose a contractor that will select the improper cleaning material for your facility or that can only clean the flooring and walls but not your equipment. Why would you generate more waste with the improper choice of medium? That would just lead to more time spent preparing for cleaning, time spent cleaning up after the cleaning, and ultimately more quality control issues in your food production facility.


Don’t compromise on quality of cleaning or safety. Rather than assuming or trusting that every cleaning company follows rules and regulations, ask the contractor for their safety record. How do they document safety throughout a job? If you still have questions about a company, check out ISNetworld and (if your company is already a registered owner or client) connect with the contractor to get a better overview of their past safety record and overall success.

Don’t take their word for it. Request references of similar projects to find out for yourself if the company is likely to complete the project well and on time.

Learn more about your options by checking out our blog, see our before and after gallery, or call (816) 241-9199 and talk to one of our team members to find the best solution for your unique cleaning challenges.

Is Dry Ice the Best Way to Clean Your Food Production Facility?

dry ice cleaning best option food production kansas city blast it cleanDo you run a busy food production facility with expensive machinery that you’d like to keep running for as long as possible? Don’t have enough time/employees to clean everything by hand? Find out if dry ice is the best solution to your facility’s cleaning needs!

1. It’s Safe to Use around Food.

The FDA recommends dry ice blasting for the cleaning of food processing equipment and production facilities. Dry ice is able to decontaminate surfaces infected with Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. Help eliminate cross-contamination caused by allergens, such as nuts, by using dry ice cleaning to remove protein residues on food processing equipment.

2. You Can’t Afford to be Shut Down for Long

Too many times plants have to be shut down for weeks at a time for a proper cleaning, but that’s not the case with dry ice blasting. Why is dry ice cleaning so much quicker? Since there is no water, chemicals, or waste there is nothing extra to clean up besides vacuuming up the debris cleaned off of your surfaces.

3. You Need to Clean Multiple Surfaces

Dry ice blasting can handle almost all surfaces including wood, metal, and brick. Instead of spending money on multiple cleansing solutions or having to swap between methods for each surface, dry ice cleaning can transition seamlessly between surfaces to clean everything from your machinery to your ceiling.

4. You Have Small, Hard-to-Reach Spaces

There are many instances when you’d like to clean small corners and crevices, but a hand or cleaning tools won’t fit. You won’t have this problem with dry ice blasting, as it can clean the tiniest of spots quickly and efficiently.

5. You Want to Pay Your Employees for Production, Not Cleaning

When you have to add extra hours to an employee’s schedule, and paycheck, because cleaning the production facility becomes an extra day’s work, you’re diminishing your profitability as a facility. Manpower costs money, and since dry ice blasting can be done in a fraction of the time compared to conventional cleaning methods, you can save a lot of money this way.

If you can identify with any of these points above, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and one of our representatives can help you decide on the best solution for your food production facility.

see how dry ice blasting saves time and money longer

Top 22 Coolest Uses for Dry Ice Blasting

Have you ever been curious about dry ice cleaning or blasting? The folks at Blast It Clean put together some of the most common applications for dry ice cleaning along with some of the coolest facts about this cleaning method.

You Can Use Dry Ice Blasting on Hot Surfacesdry ice cleaning kansas city blast it clean

In fact, dry ice blasting will clean faster when the surface is hot. While the dry ice cleaning process does cool the surface being cleaned, it’s not a critical decrease in temperature. The amount of time the dry ice is applied, area size, as well as type of material being cleaned are factors that influence a temperature decrease. For instance, a 30 x 30 inch rubber mold at 325 degrees being blasted clean for 12 minutes with the dry ice temperature of minus 109 degrees will leave that same rubber mold around 300 degrees when done. What does this mean for you? The answer is minimal re-heating time.

Considering this, some cool uses for dry ice blast cleaning are:  

  • ovens
  • bake-off trays
  • stove tops
  • grills
  • soaking tanks
  • engines
  • transmissions
  • spa equipment

see how dry ice blasting saves time and money longer
Dry Ice Is So Cool, It Doesn’t Have to be a Liquid

Dry ice is CO2 (carbon dioxide) and gets its name from being able to go from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid stage. That’s why dry ice blast cleaning makes sense for cleaning any surface that must be kept dry. Cool uses for dry ice blast cleaning are:dry ice cleaning blast it clean

  • circuit boards
  • generators
  • electrical equipment
  • transformers
  • insulators
  • robotic equipment
  • packaging equipment
  • floors
  • dust off books

Absence of moisture before, during, or after dry ice blast cleaning makes it the perfect choice to clean mold and mildew. Contamination or spreading of fungi is practically non-existent. More cool uses for dry ice blast cleaning are:

  • ship hulls
  • waste containers
  • refrigerators or coolers
  • freezers
  • air conditioners

Condensation will appear after being dry ice blasted only if surface temperature goes below the dew point. The dew point varies according to the environment. Condensation is a rare occurrence.

For specific answers about your project, contact us today.

4 Ways Dry Ice Blasting Saves Food Production Facilities Time & Money

Dry ice blasting is a process proven for more than 65 years as a highly effective cleaning technology for a wide range of food production machines and facilities. The combination of temperature, more than 100 degrees below zero F., applied pressure, and gentle abrasive effect safely removes food and other residues from production surfaces. It also kills pathogenic organisms such as E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria. If your production facility needs an effective strategy to meet challenges related to cleanliness, production quality, and cleaning downtime, dry ice blasting by Blast it Clean could be the perfect solution.

  1. No Harmful Chemicals

    Dry ice blasting means no abrasive damage to degrade your machines, no toxic residues requiring even more cleaning, and no residual abrasive materials. Other types of abrasive blasting could damage delicate surfaces in your machines, and could leave leftover grit on your production area surfaces and floors. The dry ice blasting abrasive media, frozen carbon dioxide, disappears without a trace as soon as its work is done.

  2. No More Waiting for Problemstime is money industrial cleaning blast it clean kansas city

    Instead of waiting for your facility and equipment to get dirty with wax, grease, seasonings, crumbs, or other buildup, scheduled maintenance is the best way to keep your food production facility running in top shape. Scheduled dry ice blasting can maintain the production capabilities of food processing equipment to help you continually meet specifications for cleanliness. Minimizing or eliminating costly product quality problems related to cleanliness, and their related shutdowns and potential liabilities, can help maximize the production and profitability of your operations.

  3. No Extended Shutdown of Production

    Dry ice blasting technicians can minimize your unscheduled downtime by doing the work during your standard shutdown periods. Dry ice blasting specialists can schedule their work around yours, minimizing your production loss during the cleaning process.

  4. No More Paying Employees to Scrub

    Dry ice blasting personnel do the cleaning so your employees don’t have to. Once your experts have done the necessary production machine disassembly required for cleaning, the blasting team does the labor, leaving you with a clean machine, ready to reassemble and resume production. You will pay your employees to do what benefits you most – make your product.

Need More Proof?

Dry ice has been proven effective at cleaning the following machinery in the food production industry:

  • Ovens
  • Conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Slicers/Dividers
  • Labelers
  • Baggers
  • Food molds
  • And more!

Dry ice blasting can solve many problems faced by the food industry, and may prove the perfect cleaning strategy to keep your facility clean, safe, and producing.
Contact us to find out how our safety-oriented crew can reduce your cleaning time by up to 60%, or check out this case study below!
see how dry ice blasting saves time and money longer

How Dry Ice Blasting Can Get You Out of a Tight Spot

blast it clean kansas city chocolate food production facility dry ice cleaningHave you ever found yourself in a tight spot when it comes to cleaning your food production facility? Perhaps you’ve had some tough spots to clean and needed the situation resolved quickly to avoid shutting down your food production line for too long. You may have looked online for ideas of how to quickly, safely, and efficiently clean your food production facility, but have you considered the benefits of dry ice blasting?

When Other Cleaning Methods Don’t Work

You may have tried other cleaning solutions and been disappointed in their inability to reach tight spots to remove mold, rust, paint, grease, wax, crumbs, or other substances. Maybe other cleaning solutions left behind chemicals and particles leaving you frustrated.

After all of that work of finding a contractor, shutting down the facility, disassembling your equipment, and for what? To clean up the mess the contractor left behind? Dry ice cleaning won’t leave you in that tight spot.

Why Choose Dry Ice Cleaning?

Those hard to reach areas are no match for dry ice! Dry ice cleaning is a chemical-free, non flammable, USDA/FDA approved, and environmentally responsible cleaning process that generates no secondary waste.

The versatility of dry ice cleaning is best shown by its ability to clean multiple surfaces, it even works on wood! Dry ice cleaning is able to achieve 99% mold spore removal on wood when IAQA standards are followed, even in small spaces!

How Long Does Dry Ice Cleaning Take?

The answer to this question depends on your individual food production facilities needs. The good news is that, since we can often clean machinery without turning it off, there will be less downtime than other cleaning methods. Check out the case study below to see how we helped one food production facility minimize shutdown times and get the job done fast! 
see how dry ice blasting saves time and money longer

Curious if dry ice cleaning is a good fit for your food production facility? Call (816) 241-9199 for answers and solutions to your unique cleaning challenges.

How to Choose the Right Contractor for Plant Maintenance

factory-plant-cleaning-choose-contractor-sand-blasting-dry-ice-blast-it-clean-kcChoosing an outside company to perform maintenance at your plant is a big decision, particularly when it involves temporarily shutting down operations.

You don’t want the job to go to just anyone, and you need to make sure you choose a contractor you can trust to perform their job thoroughly and get your operations back up and running as quickly as possible.

Here are some tips to make sure you choose the best contractor for plant maintenance:

Ask for References & Check Them Out!

Any reputable contractor should be able to furnish you with references from jobs they’ve completed. But don’t just take their word for it; call their references and confirm that the job was of a similar scale to the one you’re outsourcing.

Be sure to ask if the work was finished on time, if there were any problems, and if they would recommend the contractor or be willing to hire them again.

Related Read: Industrial Facility Machinery Restoration

Put Safety First – and Make Sure They Do, Too!

Your maintenance contractor should make safety a priority. Visit their website to make sure that safety is important to them as a company, and ask for paperwork throughout the process.

They should be able to supply you with Material Safety Data Sheets for materials they use, to prove that they are properly educated and prepared.

Find Out about Their Capabilities & Services

Many reputable contractors will have a Company Capabilities document or page on their website outlining what they do, what their specialties are, any certifications that they have, and other information to supply to potential clients.

Make sure that you’re not being sold something that the contractor can’t deliver by examining exactly what they company does.

Scan Online Reviews

Sites like Yelp and Angie’s List shouldn’t be the only places where you check out a contractor, but they can be a good place to spot red flags from unhappy customers.
see how dry ice blasting saves time and money longer

For more information about dry ice cleaning, check out the case study above. Want to know more about our wide range of services? Contact us today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Industrial Facility Machinery Restoration

Before After Industrial Facility Machinery Restoration 3

After Paint 1 of Industrial Facility Machinery RestorationOver the past 18 months, we have performed an Industrial Facility Machinery Restoration project for one of our customers. This project included nine total weekends working off hours to clean and repaint 40 total machines at our customer’s industrial cleaning facility. Due the production schedule for our customer’s facility, we were forced to work on weekends and off hours to complete the cleaning and restoration of their production machines. For this weekend work, our crews would typically vary between four and six team members. 

To clean the machines we would use a mixture of Dry Ice cleaning and hand cleaning methods. Hand cleaning could soak up an oily or liquid substances on the surface. Dry ice cleaning would remove any solidified material and buildup from years of running the production machinery. Once the cleaning was complete, the surface was free of dirt and out, we would repaint the machine to complete the restoration. Most weekends we would complete the blasting, cleaning, and painting of between three and six machines depending on the machine size and the level of cleaning needed. The culmination of this project came with a five day trip to our customer’s Arkansas facility toclean a total of 21 machines. The picture directly below shows the surface of one machine before and after dry ice cleaning to remove the existing buildup. The additional pictures below show a machine before cleaning then after the initial repainting.

After paint 2 of Industrial Facility Machinery RestorationIf you or someone you know works in a production facility where you have a lot of machinery running all the time, maybe we can help with the machinery upkeep but completing a restoration similar to the this project. Problems we solve include but not limited to: plant cleanliness or environment issues found during a Plant Quality Control Audit, Insurance requires a certain problem to be solved or threatens to drop coverage, or maybe the potential risk of an OSHA violation. We want to work with our customer to solve their problems by understanding their needs and facilitating a business to business relationship where we work together. Whether a project requires after hours, weekends, double shifts, we have the capacity, technology, and experience to get the job done right, safely and with quality. Thank you for reading our blog. 
Before After Dry Ice Clean Industrial Facility Machinery Restoration

Before picture of Industrial Facility Machinery Restoration
After Paint 1 for Industrial Facility Machinery Restoration

Fourth Before After Industrial Facility Machinery Restoration

Full Plant Picture 1 Industrial Facility Machinery Restoration