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Statuary, Fencing & Railing, and Furniture Stripping

Statuary, Fencing & Railing CleaningBlast-it-Clean started as a mobile blasting service. Through the years we found that our customers had both mobile needs and the need to have projects performed off site. Here at Blast-it Clean we not only have a mobile service, we also offer a full service blast and paint shop. Our shop is fully equipped to blast with all the various medias we offer ranging from sand to soda, crushed glass to dry ice. We have the ability to handle all types of things from large pieces of equipment down to lawn furniture. We offer pickup and delivery services (fee based on size of item). Our paint technicians are trained in the use of multiple types of paint equipment and coatings enabling us to be able to do a variety of different things.

Powder Coating:

Should you have the need to get items powder coated, we have working relationships with the major powdercoaters in the area.


Blast-it-Clean is expert when it comes to getting surfaces ready to be galvanized. With a galvanizing plant located within 300 yards of our facility we are able to work with you to offer seamless service.

Some of our Fixed Base shop services include:

  • Preparing steel for galvanizing
  • Cleaning Lawn Furniture (Rust and Paint removal)
  • Antique Bathtubs and Fixtures
  • Brass Window Frames
  • Iron Fencing and Gating
  • Stain Removal from doors and cabinets
  • Structural Steel Preparation
  • Stainless Steel Finishing
  • Antique Artillery Piece Blasting and Restoration

We Have Painted:

  • Trailers
  • Car Parts
  • Machinery
  • Electric Motors
  • Trash Trucks
  • Cranes

We no longer offer painting services for lawn furniture; we apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause.