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Log Cabin Cleaning and Blasting

Log Cabin Sandblasting & Cleaning ServicesBlast-it-Clean is a leading vendor of choice for many log cabin homeowners. Periodically log cabins need to be re-stained due to weathering. To accomplish this properly the old stain should be completely removed so that the new stain will adhere properly and give the proper look. The removal of stain from wood surfaces poses a difficult challenge. The traditional method used to remove stain is a combination of chemical solvents and pressure washing. This method of removal requires you to do exactly what you are trying to prevent. The injection of water into the wood surface to that is going to be re-coated with stain. This process requires the scheduling of the stripping process in a window that will allow time for the logs to dry out. With the weather in the Midwest it is often difficult to find the 5 – 10 day cleaning window that this process requires.

Another alternative is the tedious time consuming process of removing multiple coatings via hand sanding on irregular surfaces. This becomes a problem because of the amount of time required to remove the stain.

Blast-it-Clean offers a cost effective alternative method of cleaning. The use of specialized blast pots and alternative blast media will achieve the stain removal goal and in most cases this process produces a surface that is ready to accept a new coatings system with no additional surface preparation required.

Technical Information:

Corn Cob Blasting for Log Cabins in Kansas CityBlast media come in different grades similar to the grades of sandpaper. When these different grades are used in conjunction with a specialized blast pot that is capable of adjusting both the blast pressure and media flow, we are able to duplicate the results of the hand sanding process.

The most common blast media used for log home cleaning is ground corncob. This blast media is available in multiple grades 4060, 2040, etc. This blasting method works well because of these different sizes and the fact that any residual cob that is not captured in the containment system is biodegradable and will work back into the soil once the project is complete.

What do we do if cob cleaning does not work?

For those difficult coating removal challenges we are able to draw upon past experiences and select a blast media from our cleaning arsenal that can cost effectively solve the challenge. With the largest toolbox of cleaning options in the region Blast-it-Clean can handle a majority of all challenges.

In some cases when a more aggressive stripping alternative is required, a light hand sanding may be required to achieve the final surface preparation desired. The end result is a surface that is superior to pressure washing, drier and stains ready.