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Industrial and Equipment Cleaning in Kansas City

General Benefit:

Industrial Cleaning & Industrial Equipment Cleaning from Blast-It-CleanOn a regular basis Blast-it-Clean is called in to consult on projects. The traditional in-plant cleaning method is not working and the Project Manager has to find a time appropriate solution. The Blast-it-Clean process is proven to be 10-20 times faster than traditional methods such as hand cleaning. When the loaded labor cost for hand cleaning and the cost of chemicals, solvent solutions and materials are factored into the equation, the Blast-it-Clean process is usually the most cost effective. We also have a variety of media that do not create additional waste disposal cost such, as you would have with chemicals.

In other scenarios the traditional method of cleaning is not effective at all. The cleaning challenge requires that an outside source is found to assist in solving the problem.

Plant Shutdowns:

Power Plant Cleaning & Industrial Equipment CleaningIn a plant shutdown situation Blast-it-Clean is called in to extend the cleaning power of the existing staff. When we are called in there are multiple benefits.

The staff that was originally going to do the hand cleaning is now available for other important maintenance work.
The work that was going to be performed by the plant staff will now be cleaned with a process that has been proven to be 10 – 20 times faster than hand cleaning.
Less Downtime allowing your plant to return to production faster.
The Shutdown Manager will be able to succeed because they will be able to get more work accomplished in the limited shutdown window.

Dust Containment:

Dust Containment Services from Blast-It-CleanTo be able to work in a plant environment with the various blasting media we utilize, Blast-it-Clean has taken the art of dust containment to a new level. The traditional method of building a tent around the work area has been augmented with state of the art air handling and collection that allows us the ability to build a dust free work space in almost any environment.

Services Provided:

Blast-it-Clean has assisted our customers in cost effectively solving problems to:
Equipment Cleaning:

  • Buss Fuses
  • Fan Blades
  • Mixing Vats
  • Turbines
  • Equipment Painting
  • Floor Striping Removal

Paint Removal:

  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Floors
  • Structural Steel
  • Chillers
  • Equipment

Painting Services Available Upon Request

USDA Cleaning Requirements:

Blast-it-Clean works with a number of blast media that are USDA approved for in-plant use. They are either 100% water-soluble or they evaporate into the environment after contact with the surface to be cleaned.