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Graffiti Removal in Kansas City

The Psychology of Graffiti Eradication:

Soda - Stone Wall Graffiti Removal Before

Graffiti Removal is most effective when it is swift and thorough. The graffiti taggers see themselves as a artist. They get a rush out of being able to see their work. When their work is swiftly eradicated and removed it discourages them. They move to other surfaces or properties that do not swiftly eradicate their work.

“Beware of the Ghost”:

It is critical to select a removal company that understands graffiti ghosts, and knows how to prevent them. A graffiti ghost occurs when the graffiti is removed in such a manner that you can still read what the graffiti originally said, or see the outline of the design.

Blast-it-Clean trains its crews in the art of graffiti removal. They are taught the techniques necessary to block, clean and remove graffiti on a permanent basis that does not leave graffiti ghosts behind.To Paint or Not To Paint:

When faced with graffiti a common solution is to cover the graffiti with paint. Sometimes this is the most effective solution. At other times it is not. Before covering graffiti, stop and think for a moment.

  • Are you turning a formerly maintenance free surface into a canvas for future graffiti tags?
  • How often will you have to re-paint the surface?
  • Will this method of graffiti cover-up increase or decrease your property value?
  • What solution will look the best?

Blast-it-Clean is the vendor of choice when it comes to the removal of graffiti in the Kansas City Metro Loop. The non-ghosting, non-billboard approach has proven an effective graffiti deterrent. Several companies, organizations, and school districts use Blast-it-Clean exclusively for its graffiti removal.

Specializing in Graffiti Removal from (Painted or Natural Surfaces):

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Stucco
  • Painted Wood Surfaces
  • Painted Metal Surfaces