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Confined Space, HazMat, and Special Projects

Confined Space, Hazmat and Special Projects Blasting and Cleaning in Kansas City

Blast-It-Clean provides Confined Space services including Confined Space Entry, Air Monitoring, Attendant/Bottle Watch, and Confined Space Hand Scraping, Cleaning & Blasting. Whatever our customer’s needs we can adapt our confined space capabilities to their needs from an attendant to a full crew. Blast-It-Clean can also provide clean up services for HazMat spills including hand cleaning and Dry Ice cleaning.

Special Projects

Special Projects Blasting & Cleaning in Kansas City

Special Projects include situations or problems where our customer does not know of a solution. As an example, we performed a blasting demonstration blasting with the green stuff absorbent to absorb oil buildup on stone to replicate a problem for one of our customer. Once we blasted the oil soaked stone with the green stuff, we let the absorbent soak into the stone then went back over the oil soak area with Dry Ice to remove the green stuff and oil buildup.