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About Us

At Blast It Clean, even though we use a multitude of different blasting, pressure washing and cleaning solutions within many industries, we are problem solvers. We work with our customers to form a business relationship where we communicate to understand our customers’ needs and desired outcomes for all projects. We are brought in for one thing: Results. Our process helps us work with customers to understand the true nature of the problem and bring a safe, high quality, timely, and resulted oriented solution.

We recognize our customers will never need our services every day, however we strive to make our customers aware that we are always just a phone call away with the ability to react and complete project within hours of the first call. Our team is trained to get every project completed safely with the highest importance on results, quality, and value. We value every one of our employees just as we value every one of our customers and we believe working with us will show that commitment.

Solutions we offer include: disaster response for fire, smoke, water, and mold restoration, food processing equipment cleaning, confined space entry, historical restoration and renovation cleaning and blasting, media blasting for oil refineries, dry ice cleaning in Power Generation, Manufacturing Plant Equipment cleaning, and many others.


  • Safety – We are a registered contractor with ISNetworld since 2008
  • Safety – No OSHA recordable accidents since our company’s inception in 2001.
  • Safety – 2016 Employer Experience Modifier Rating of 0.78
  • Results Oriented – We are available, on call, any time, ready to dispatch to problem solve.
  • Results Oriented – We are timeline sensitive with capabilities to work around the clock 24 hours to complete project within specific plant shut down windows or to shorten the downtime gap for business interruption insurance.
  • Quality – The job is never complete until is it done right.
  • Covered – Blast-it- Clean carries the necessary insurance to work in all locations and plant settings. Our policy covers us up to $5,000,000.00.
  • Safety – Blast-it- Clean technicians are trained to work in all environments (Confined Space Entry Training, Scaffold Training, Respirator Training, Lift Training, etc.).