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April 2014

Interior Warehouse Restoration to Maintenance Free Surfaces

Interior Warehouse Restoration 2

Interior Warehouse Restoration 4

For this interior warehouse restoration project, we converted painted brick walls and wood ceilings (surfaces that had required maintenance such as repainting, etc) to maintenance-free surfaces. The warehouse was very old and in need of updating. We were brought in to help bring this old warehouse back to life. An “all natural” beauty products company was to assume possession after the restoration. Therefore, we wanted to help leave the interior warehouse as natural as possible. One of the main objectives of this project was to take painted surface, remove the paint and leave the surface natural. There was some demolition done in advance of our portion of the project, such as removal of the existing drywall from the ceiling, removal of almost all existing contents, etc. We were brought in to first remove the existing paint and restore the original brick walls. The picture above to the right shows the brick wall with the existing paint before the blasting.

Interior Warehouse Restoration 5The next step was blasting the wood ceilings to clean up the appearance and remove any existing paint or buildup accumulated over the years. The first side by side below shows a closer look at the wood ceiling: the left side has partial removal of the drywall, with the completely restored natural wood ceiling on the right. After blasting the ceiling clean came our last step, pressure washing of all interior surfaces to remove any residual dust from the dry blasting process. By blasting and removing the existing paint, the brick walls and wood ceilings are now left natural and maintenance-free, meaning no repainting or additional work needs to be done. Do you or someone you know have a surface with paint failure problems that would be better “maintenance-free”?  If so, give us a call.  We can help. Thank you for reading our blog.

Interior Warehouse Restoration 3

Interior Warehouse Restoration 1

Fountain Paint Removal with Dust Containment

Fountain Paint Removal with Dust Containment 1

This fountain serves as a centerpiece inside of our customer’s establishment, however, it became less attractive once the paint inside started failing. Last month, we helped them ready the fountain for re-coating. Dry sand blasting would normally create the problem of dust reaching other areas in the lobby. Therefore, we created a custom tailored dust containment system to minimize or eliminate dust migration. The two pictures above show the fountain before our work was conducted.

Fountain Paint Removal with Dust Containment 2The picture to the right shows the exterior of the dust containment envelope we fabricated. When ready to blast, we turn on the fan, which then inflates the long filter bag used to collect the dust. We took extra precautions to protect the drains on the bottom of the fountain and the tile around the top inside of the fountain. Containing our dust was extremely important for this project as the business did not want to incur any additional down time nor was dust acceptable in this highly clean environment.

Fountain Paint Removal with Dust Containment 3We also lifted the horse statue out of the pedestal so we could blast the pedestals and to protect the statue from blasting. The picture to the left shows the inside of our dust containment system. This job was successful in removing the paint, limiting all dust exposure from blasting, and prepping the fountain for new paint. The side by side pictures below show the fountain before on the left and the fountain after our blast on the right. Thank you for reading our Blog.

Fountain Paint Removal with Dust Containment