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January 2012

Week of January 9, 2012

Starting this week we finished the crib rail job at our shop by applying a topcoat to the primer that was coated last Friday. This customer was very pleased the new crib rails upon pick up. We finished removing paint from the pipe flanges pieces for a repeat customer, this job was started last week but finished Monday morning. Also at the shop Monday, we cleaned paint and rust off two manifold covers and 5 Rolls Royce Rims using our traditional sand media. We also cleaned the paint and rust off a dump truck frame and rear of the dump section for a customer looking for re-coat the truck and re-sell it.

Lastly, we had a rush mobile job in Kansas City, Missouri to remove graffiti tags to an elementary school. This job had to be done on Monday because classes were to be back in session the next day. We utilized a baking soda and crushed glass mix to remove the graffiti from the cement and brick surfaces, however the customer also had graffiti that was painted on the glass windows. We were able to remove that graffiti using paint thinner and stripper without harming the glass. This customer was very pleased with the graffiti removed from the exterior of the school.

Monday was also the start of our Sprinter Van project. We recently purchased a Dodge Sprinter Van as our next mobile blast vehicle, however the existing paint coat had a lot of areas of failing paint with rust underneath. We spent portions of Monday and Tuesday prepping the surface, taping off all the areas that we did not want blasted with baking soda to remove the paint and surface rust.

Tuesday we sent a mobile crew to Lees Summit, Missouri to clean rust off the driveway for a restoration company we have had repeat business. The job was completed within half a day. At the shop Tuesday, we cleaned paint off a semi-tractor trailer frame for a repeat customer. The customer requested that we remove as much blue paint on the frame as possible even areas under the cab. Since under the cab contains many different mechanical components, we simply have the customer sign a damage waiver in order for us to effectively blast under the cab. We were able to remove all the blue paint under the cab that was visible through the angles allowed for the blast process. This job was completed on schedule within two days time from the drop off to pick up. Lastly, on Tuesday we glass bead blasted 2 stainless steel framework pieces for an engineering customer. The customer came to us because their equipment was not large enough to bead blast the pieces. We were able to glass bead blast the two stainless steel pieces to a uniform shine per the customer’s request.

Wednesday we cleaned the back section of a barbecue pit trailer that previously had a fire. Our customer came to us having previously had us blast their barbecue pits themselves. They had already welded new steel pieces on the back portion but needed the whole section sand blasted to remove paint, rust, soot, and char. We have the trailer finished by the end of the day. The trailer was heavy enough steel that we were able to use our traditional sand media without warping any of the panels, keeping the cost down and production high. On our Sprinter Van project, we started soda blasted the exterior to remove the existing paint and surface rust. On areas where the rust was embedded deeper in the metal we used crushed glass which left a deeper profile than soda but was able to get out the deep rust, whereas baking soda is too weak to clean.

Thursday and Friday, we continued cleaning the paint and rust off our Sprinter Van. After the paint removal was complete, we began blowing down the van and areas inside where dust may have entered as well as prepping for the primer and paint processes.

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Week of January 2, 2012

We were closed Monday due to the New Year Holiday. We hope everyone had a safe and joyous New Year. Tuesday we started a job in Clifton, Missouri dry ice cleaning interior walls, ceiling and equipment in a gas pump building. The first phase of the job went through the rest of week. We sent two crews to perform the dry ice cleaning and both crews returned on schedule Friday evening.

Wednesday we profiled the inside edges of 35 ornamental bronze pieces for a local Kansas City customer. We utilized sand to create the profile because the customer was not concerned with profiling the face of the pieces because they were going to smooth them out once we finished. Next at the shop Wednesday we blasted some forklift pieces for the business next door to remove paint and rust. Since some of the pieces were made of thin steel we used Baking Soda to clean off the paint and surface rust, whereas the heavy forklift counterweight was cleaned using our traditional River Sand media.

We also cleaned paint and rust off baby crib rails for a customer restoring a family heirloom. The rails were made of a heavy steel material therefore we were able to remove the paint using River Sand. Lastly Wednesday at the shop, we performed a Demo on an aluminum bracket for a truck. The customer was looking for a uniform look in order to piece together new and used parts. Our baking soda media cleaned the piece but could not remove all the black marks on the surface, therefore we went up to Glass Bead which polished the piece and removed the remaining unwanted marks from the surface. Now the Baking Soda media did remove some of the aluminum sheen but the Glass Bead gave it a uniform, clean look.

Thursday we sent a two-man crew to a local Kansas City Restoration company to perform a Demo to remove paint from cast stone. The customer came to us because they had tried several methods of power washing and paint removal without success on the stone. We performed a demo on separate four-foot squares using Corn Cob, Baking Soda, and Dry Ice. We actually found a combination of Corn Cob and Baking Soda (50-50 mix) was able to achieve the wanted result for the customer in terms of production rate and finished stone surface.

Thursday we also performed another Demo, this time on a Kansas City Police Station removing glue from exterior walls. We had previously cleaned the walls by power washing, however this time we used our Dry Ice media. We achieved better results with the finish of the exterior after dry ice cleaning as opposed to power washing, however the production rates between the two processes were equal.

At the shop Thursday, we started cleaning paint and rust off various truck pieces. The pieces included the exterior of a full size truck cab, truck bed, two fenders, two wheel wells, one headpiece, one radiator cover, and one tailgate. Most of the pieces required the use of Baking Soda because of the thin steel nature of the structural automobile parts. We were able to use crushed glass on the bottom portion of the bed because it was heavy enough to withstand glass without warping. The job went into Friday but was completed about midday Friday. This job was difficult to gauge because the customer did not know how many layers of paint were on each piece. We guessed the truck cab had three layers of paint but upon completing a demo of the area we found it actually had five layers of paint, which caused our production to slow down drastically. This customer came to us in need of cleaning these pieces to further the restoration process of the truck. We were able to finish the paint and rust removal on schedule. The customer was very pleased with the smooth finish left on the pieces that were baking soda blasted.

As mentioned before, Friday our two crews in Clifton, Kansas finished phase 1 of the dry ice cleaning for the gas pump building. We also completed the truck pieces at our shop removing the paint and rust. The crib pieces that were blasted earlier in the week were primed then cured over the weekend. Lastly, at the shop Friday we started blasting 500+ steel flanges for a customer using Sand. This customer had previously completed many orders where we blasted paint off flanges. For those pieces, we just needed to remove the paint around the area where the pipes would connect so our customer could perform welding on the bare metal surfaces. This job went into the following week, however we finished blasting the pieces the following Monday morning.

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Week of December 26, 2011

We hope everyone enjoyed the past holiday!

Due to the holiday we were closed on Monday, but returned on Tuesday December 27, 2011. On Tuesday we started a job in Manhatten, Kansas cleaning the oil and grime off two braider machines using our Dry Ice media. We used dry ice because it would clean the surface and not remove the existing coat except areas where the paint was failing or chipping. Once the two machines were clean we then re-coated the machines with a primer and top coat. The job was completed Thursday on schedule December 29th.

On Tuesday we also sent out a two man crew to a job in Lees Summit, Missouri. The job required use to blast a concrete floor using our traditional sand media to prep the surface for concrete staining. The cleaning was quick and efficient and the job was completed on Wednesday as scheduled.

We sent a two man crew out to the Days Inn in Olathe, Kansas on Wednesday. We had previously cleaned sections of the motel that had soot and char residue from a recent fire. The customer added additional sections for us to clean. We were able to complete the cleaning using our baking soda media in one day’s time.

Thursday we returned to the tile floor job in Lexington, Missouri to finish the job utilizing our Baking Soda media. Remember we previously completed a demo for this job on Friday December 23, 2011. The customer loved the finish we were able to provide when using our baking soda media. We completed the job on Thursday removing the black film, dirt, and grime to restore the mosaic tile floor.

At the shop Thursday, we cleaned the paint off 4 bearing housings and couplings for a repeat customer. The customer needed all the paint to be removed because the pieces were to be nickel-plated. The pieces were cleaned using our traditional sand media because it was the most efficient and cost effective. Also at the shop, we had one of our neighbor businesses in our warehouse complex bring us some forklift pieces to be cleaned. They needed the paint to be completely stripped off the pieces so they could be re-painted. We cleaned the thin steel pieces with soda to prevent warping the metal, but the forklift counterweight we removed the paint using our traditional sand media. Lastly, at the shop Thursday we profiled the inside edges of 32 ornamental brass pieces for a repeat customer out of the Kansas City, Missouri area. We were able to match their profile specification with our traditional media. This customer told us that it took 40 minutes for them to profile 1 of those brass pieces, whereas it took us 2 hours to profile all 32 pieces that were brought to us. The customer had additional pieces that we will be profiling the following week.

Friday we had job involving about 900 square feet of structural steel pieces that we were to blast to remove all rust and profile the surface for paint prep. Then we coated the steel pieces with a black tar Sherwin Williams paint. The pieces were blasted very quickly, however the painting was more time consuming because of the increased cure time due to the cold weather. The pieces are scheduled to be picked up early next week by the customer. Thanks for looking at our blog! Enjoy the coming New Year!

Week of December 19, 2011

Monday we sent a two-man crew to a house in Spring Hill to clean attic decking, joists, roof deck, exterior brick to remove soot and char. The job was brought to us by a repeat customer Restoration company in the Kansas City area. It entailed cleaning approximately 431 square feet of surface to be cleaned. The job was completed in half a day as scheduled.

We started a job Tuesday that entailed sand blasting approximately 1000 square feet of steel panels to achieve a uniform look. We started the job on Tuesday and were able to complete it Wednesday. The customer liked the look so much that we are being considered for a much larger job of the same specifications in New Mexico.

Wednesday at the shop we removed paint and rust off the frame of two tractor-trailers for a repeat customer. The job entailed removing all the blue paint that we could around the frame as well as trying to clean underneath the cab the best we could to remove additional blue paint. The job required a lot of preparation to protect the cab, and cables through the frame. We completed the job Wednesday as scheduled because the customer needed them done as soon as we could. The two semi-tractor trailers were picked up the customer on Thursday afternoon. The goal for the two semis was for us to clean off as much paint off the frame as possible while limiting any damage to existing wiring or components, then our customer would re-paint the trucks to fulfill the order.

The same day at the shop we received a rush job from a Kansas City, Missouri dealership to clean off failing chrome and black undercoat off four aluminum wheels. Since the wheels were aluminum therefore we had to utilize our baking soda media to reduce the pitting, and to remove the chance of warping the wheels. The chrome came off quickly, however since the undercoat was previously powder-coated onto the wheels it took substantially longer to remove it. The job was completed earlier Thursday morning and the customer picked up the wheels Thursday afternoon ready to be re-coated.

Thursday we completed a Demo that turned into a job at our shop. The job entailed removing the stain and lacquer from 17 kitchen cupboard doors. To remove the stain effectively we used our baking soda media to reduce the profile to the wood surface. The cupboards were made of oak, which is strong enough wood to withstand our baking soda blast process as long as we do not sit on any areas for an extended period of time. Once we completed the cupboards, the customer liked the finished product so much that he delivered stained oak drawers to the same kitchen for us to complete the same day. For the drawers, we focused on just the facing to remove the stain to limit the time spent per drawer and keep the cost lower for the customer. The job was completed and the customer was very pleased with the removal of the previous stain. Our customer intended for us to remove the current stain so he could re-stain the same cupboard doors to a darker stain.

Friday we sent a one man crew to remove two small graffiti tags for a nonprofit organization in the Kansas City area. We used our baking soda media to remove the tags. They were cleaned of the building surface quickly and efficiently. This repeat customer called us yesterday requesting we remove the graffiti as soon as possible because they feared more graffiti would come with the holiday break.

We also sent a two man crew to Lexington, Missouri to complete a demo removing glue and black paper from a mosaic tile floor. We chose to demo our Dry Ice, Baking Soda, and Corn Cob medias to see which could achieve the wanted production rate to meet the customer’s budget. Upon completion of the demo we found Baking Soda was the media of choice. This customer had use come out to complete the job in Lexington, MO the following week