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December 2011

Week of December 12, 2011

We started the week sending out two mobile crews to Wichita, Kansas to work all week on a Fire Restoration job. The job called for Dry Ice cleaning to remove soot and char covering over 20,000 square feet. We utilized Dry Ice on this job to keep the dust level to a minimum and not have any secondary media waste other than the removed soot and char. This job was completed on Friday on schedule with our two crews working Monday thru Friday this week.

Monday morning we got a call for a rush job in Downtown Kansas for the parking garage at 10th Street and Central to remove a graffiti tag. We dispatched a mobile crew that morning to clean off the graffiti tag. To clean off the graffiti we used our standard graffiti removal process utilizing our Baking Soda media. After our crew finished that small mobile job, they returned to the shop and did a small shop blasting job. This customer needed a profile on some small steel fitting but did not want to remove the sheen to the pieces. The customer had previously used glass bead and was still having trouble with the bead removing the sheen shine. We utilized our walnut shell media with low pressure to profile the surface without removing the shine surface. The shop job was quick and fell under our shop minimum for up to an hour of blasting.

On Tuesday, we sent a mobile crew to the Comfort Inn in Lenexa, Kansas to perform a brush blast to remove all flaking and failing paint on the indoor pool. We utlized our traditional River Sand media to remove the existing pool coating with our brush blast process in order to only remove the loose paint and not the entire painted surface.

We sent out one mobile crew to perform two small jobs on Wednesday. The first job involved our Fire Restoration process on a house in Raytown, Missouri. The job called for the removal of soot and char from the chimney to the house. We again utilized our Baking Soda media under our Fire Restoration process to remove those contaminants. The second job invovled removing a burned plastic planter from the walkway to a house in Kansas City, MO. Unlike our Fire Restoration process, this job required the used of our Crushed Glass (Brite Blast) media to remove the surface burn. We cleaned the entire walkway section where the burn occurred to create a uniform look.

At the shop Wednesday, we blasted a small housing part for a repeat customer. This job was to remove all paint to this housing because the customer was to nickel plate the piece after our blast. The job was completed under our shop minimum for up to an hour of blasting and the customer was able to drop off Tuesday and pick up Wednesday afternoon. We strive to meet our customer’s deadlines and get their pieces cleaned to optimum efficiency as with this small job.

Thursday we had a shop job cleaned paint off two brass structural pieces for the Kansas City Police Station Restoration Project. The pieces were part of the North and South light fixtures for the station. We had previously done small brass pieces at our shop, while also cleaning areas at the Police Station location. For this job we used our Baking Soda media to remove the paint top coat and primer down to the shiny Brass structure without leaving a large profile.

Friday we sent out two mobile crews to complete a job at a local Kansas City Aggregate Plant. Our job entailed dry ice cleaning the electrical equipment and mechanical tub. The job was completed Friday as scheduled. Our other two mobile crews in Wichita returned late Friday afternoon after completing the Fire Restoration job this week.

That concludes our many different jobs for the week. As always, thanks for looking at our blog and enjoy the weekend! Next weekend is Christmas!

Week of December 5, 2011

Monday we continued working on the Fire Restoration Dry Ice Cleaning job for the Days Inn Motel in Olathe, Kansas. The job entailed almost 5,000 square feet of cleaning surface area using our Dry Ice cleaning process. The motel had previously had a fire that reached two separate rooms. The contractor on the job called us sto remove the soot and char within those affected areas. This job was completed by Thursday of this week as scheduled.

At the shop Monday, we started a job removing paint from the aluminum top of a 1969 Trailway Bus. The job also entailed cleaning one of the aluminum side panels that had been previously painted as well at removing the paint and rust from the two top endcaps and the 6 wheels. The largest concern with this job is cleaning paint off the weak aluminum top without warping it. Traditional Sand media is so aggressive it will most likley warp Aluminum therefore to complete this job we utilized our Baking Soda media. Half way through blasting on Monday we realized the Baking Soda process was not achieving the production rate we had previously estimated, most likely due to the multiple layers of paint on the top. Therefore to speed up our productivity, we began using a Baking Soda and Crushed Glass mixture to remove the rest of the paint from the top, as well as the end caps and side panel. The wheels we were able to clean using our Traditional Sand media because the steel was heavy enough that there was no risk of warping the metal.

Wednesday at the shop we cleaned the paint and rust off a snow plow using our traditional River Sand media. Since the snow plow was not very detailed, the job only took an hour in which case the job cost fell into our minimum charge. In the field Wednesday, we cleaned the concrete surface of a car port in Raytown, Missouri. The port previously had a fire that left a lot of fire residue such as soot and char. We utilized our baking soda media to clean off the surface and remove that unwanted soot and char.

On Thursday, we performed cleaned soot and char off a driveway in Lees Summit, Missouri. Just like Wednesday, we used our baking soda media to clean off the residue left previously by the fire. At the shop Thursday, we cleaned the paint and stain off two antique wooden doors. Since we were dealing with wood objects and wanted to keep the profile and etching down, we utilized our baking soda media because it was one of our weakest that would leave the lowest degree of profile. The stained side of the doors came off very quickly and left a light but hardly noticeable profile. The painted side of the doors, however required more time to remove the multiple layers therefore there was a larger profile and parts of the door where is cut away more of the surface than others. The customer was extremely pleased with the doors upon pick up. That customer came to us because he was using Black Beauty (traditionally a very aggressive media) on his doors but was not achieving the wanted pressure to clean them sufficiently. Since our equipment provided much higher air pressure, we utilized a much softer media.

In the field Friday, we completed a demo in downtown Olathe, Kansas removing stain from pre-cast concrete. We utilized three different medias for the demo: baking soda, brite blast (crushed glass), and an iron oxide media. Baking Soda worked the best to remove the stain with minimal exposed aggregate.

At the shop Friday we cleaned paint and rust off another dump truck frame, wheels, and other rusted areas. We removed rust and paint off 28 bearing housings and cleaned rust off a truck chassy, hub caps, and other small parts to a truck frame. All three of those relatively small jobs were completed in one day using our Traditional River Sand media. That concludes our week, thanks for reading our blog!

Week of November 28, 2011

Monday we started the week removing Road Striping at 40 Hwy & Adams Dairy Parkway. For that job we utilized our traditional sand media due to the heavy painted road striping. As the job progressed, the road striping area kept increasing because the customer wanted us to remove additional striping therefore the job went from Monday through Wednesday of this week. We also utilized two crews to complete this job.

On Tuesday at our shop location we removed paint and rust from the frame, wheels, and bumpers for an International Dump Truck. We did not clean any of the dump compartment for the truck because it was made of stainless steel and the customer did not feel it was necessary. On the same day, we were also able to clean off paint and rust for a landscaping company threaded steel trailer using our traditional River Sand media. The last small job at our shop completed on Tuesday involved cleaning rust off 4 steel channels as a quick 1 hour minimum job for a repeat customer.

Wednesday at the shop we cleaned structural steel beams for our warehouse company. For that job, we had two blasters cleaning paint and rust off the structural beams so the warehouse company could re-coat them. Due to the high volume of the job and the customer’s budget, we cleaned the beams with a brush blast using our traditional River Sand media.

Thursday in Independence, Missouri, we cleaned re-bar to a top deck parking garage next to the post office. The same mobile blast team was able to complete the parking garage and complete another small job to clean paint off a brick building in Kansas City, MO.

At the shop Thursday, the same customer with the first dump truck this week came back and had us complete a second truck. For that job, we also removed paint and rust around the frame, wheels, bumpers, but also on the inside of the dump compartment where rust was visible. On the same day, we also completed a specialty job for local steel company to clean 35 stainless steel columns using glass bead.

In the field Friday, we started a Fire Restoration job using Dry Ice for the Days Inn Motel in Olathe, KS. The job entailed cleaning areas directly affected by a recent fire. This job called for multiple days of cleaning therefore the job continued into the following week.

Thanks for checking out our blog!

Week of November 14, 2011

We started the week cleaning up the spent media for the house in Drexel, Missouri. Remember for that job, we used baking soda to clean the wood and brick on the interior of the house.

Also on Monday, we cleaned the paint and rust off a Turbine Head and two columns for a customer at our shop. Since those pieces were made of such heavy metal material, we were able to utilize our traditional river sand media.

At the shop Tuesday, we cleaned the paint and rust off Land Rover parts for a customer. The customer wanted all paint and rust removed to prep the pieces for galvanizing next door at AZZ Galvanizing Services. We performed this job on Tuesday and Friday because as the job progressed the customer added more pieces. Some pieces we used a baking soda, crushed glass mixture to clean off the rust but not warp the thin metal, whereas the thick metal pieces we were able to use our traditional sand media.

On Tuesday, we started our highlighted job of the week in an Ethanol Plant in Craig, Missouri. For that job, we cleaned burned corn resin buildup off the dryer fan blades and housing. The job was called for four days but we got it done in three. We utilized our Black Beauty slag media to perform this cleaning with a close containment solution that included a box fan and filter bag to keep the dust level at a minimum. The level of containment achieved was superb and we exceeded the customer’s expectations. Look at the testimonial left by the customer.

“We have been trying to find a good way of cleaning the fans since I started here in 2002. We have hyrdo-blasted and then we have to get inside and chisel it off by hand. We tried dry ice blasting and that took forever and then we went back to hydro-blasting. With Hydro-blasting a vac truck is needed the entire time, not to mention the hyrdo blasting took twice as long as your process while Dry Ice blasting took 3 times as long. You exceeded my expectations with the level of clean and productivity, the ID fans were practically spotless. I thought the cleaning process would take at least 4 days and it took less than 2. Your way of media blasting was about half the price of Hydro blasting and dry ice cleaning. Your team was very professional. They did everything humanly possible to contain the dust. They swept up after themselves. I can’t express enough how well your crew did, we have never had contrators that conscientious. I was somewhat worried about the dust, but your crew contained most of the dust by isolating the inside equipment with plastic and using a large filter, which worked very well. I will definitely use your services again and I have already recommended your services to another company.” Mike Pickard – Maintanence Manager at Golden Triangle Energy

Wednesday we cleaned the basement to a home in Indendence, Missouri. The basement to the house previously had a fire and we were brought in to clean the basement cement walls and wood ceilings with Dry Ice. The Dry Ice media was utilized because the house was still be occupied. The customer covered the furniture in the basement with plastic as well as all items in the upstairs to prevent the contamination of dust.

We were called Wednesday for a rush job to be performed on Thursday at the Ward Parkway shopping center. A local construction company called us in to clean rust off the joists for this construction project. We were able to use our traditional river sand media to complete this job and it took a little over a half day.

Thursday morning one of our frequent customers called to have us clean an anilox roller that afternoon. Since the job at Ward Parkway was completed with time left in the work day, we were able to fulfill our customer’s need to clean the anilox roller at their location in Lenexa.

Friday we were able to complete a job in Kansas City removing the concrete skim coat to expose the aggregate. We cleaned the steps then with the customer’s approval we moved onto the patio area to continue with the cleaning.

Week of November 21, 2011

This week was a short week due to the holiday. We performed a cleaning re-bar to a post office parking garage in Independence, Missouri. We were able to complete this job using our traditional river sand media. The work was complete within half a day. Wednesday we preformed a small job in Mission, Kansas profiling some concrete sidewalk. Again, we were able to use our traditional sand media. This job was completed in one day as projected.

At the shop this week, we cleaned the paint and rust off a 1940 Truck bed and cab for a customer. The bed had thick enough metal that we were able to clean the inside and outside with Sand, however the cab was mostly a thin metal where Sand would have probably warped the panels. Therefore, for the Truck cab we used a combination of Baking Soda and Crushed glass media because it had a much lower risk of warping the metal. The Baking Soda would clean off the paint while the Crushed Glass would clean off the rust much better than just straight Baking Soda. While Crushed Glass does leave a profile to the surface, it does not eat away or have the high risk of warping as traditional Sand.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!