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Sandblasting and Cleaning Services for the Kansas City Area

Blast-it-Clean began as a Dry Ice Cleaning Company and has evolved into the premier Cleaning and Stripping Company in the region. We have dedicated ourselves to owning and mastering both new and old technologies. With the largest toolbox in the industry, we will not force you into a singular solution. We use a multi-point analysis to determine the best solution for you.

  1. Review the surface to be cleaned or blasted.
  2. Analyze the material to be removed.
  3. Determine the finished look, after cleaning or blasting, the customer is aiming for.
  4. Evaluate other factors (environment, waste concerns, obstacles, etc., etc.).
  5. Recommend the process and media combination to achieve the desired finish without damaging the surface and at the most cost-effective rate.

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Latest from the Blast-It Blog…

Log Cabin Stain Removal

Earlier this August, an individual customer contacted us about his Log Cabin Stain Removal project in Central Kansas to remove the existing wood stain and buildup on a customer’s log cabin home. The customer’s biggest concern was bringing a process and solution that could remove the stain effectively without severely raising the grain or damaging the wood log surface. The… Read More

Historical Renovation Media Blasting Project

Early this year, we were brought in on a large Historical Renovation Media Blasting project in Overland Park, Kansas. Some may recognize the property as the old King Louie Bowling Alley and Ice Rink building. The project required all the wood surfaces to be brought back to the original state. To achieve that result, we media blasted the wood surfaces… Read More

Ethanol Plant Water Tank Restoration

Earlier this year, we completed an Ethanol Plant Water Tank Restoration project in Central Missouri. The tank’s current coating system was failing. It had developed rust pockets over time due to the elements, dirt, and buildup as seen in the above picture. Due to the water temperature in the tank, the tank exterior was prone to sweat as the outside… Read More