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Sandblasting and Cleaning Services for the Kansas City Area

Blast-it-Clean began as a Dry Ice Cleaning Company and has evolved into the premier Cleaning and Stripping Company in the region. We have dedicated ourselves to owning and mastering both new and old technologies. With the largest toolbox in the industry, we will not force you into a singular solution. We use a multi-point analysis to determine the best solution for you.

  1. Review the surface to be cleaned or blasted.
  2. Analyze the material to be removed.
  3. Determine the finished look, after cleaning or blasting, the customer is aiming for.
  4. Evaluate other factors (environment, waste concerns, obstacles, etc., etc.).
  5. Recommend the process and media combination to achieve the desired finish without damaging the surface and at the most cost-effective rate.

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Latest from the Blast-It Blog…

Wet Blast Lead Based Paint Removal from Basement Stone

Earlier this year, we completed a lead based paint removal project to restore original, natural basement stone. The customer involved in this month’s project came to us after seeing that February News Blast. Similar to that earlier project, this basement did have lead-based paint, was occupied, and was fully furnished. Different to the earlier project, this basement was a wet… Read More

Food Processing Plant Dock Ceiling Restoration

This past June, we completed a Food Processing Plant Dock Ceiling Restoration project for the Tyson Fresh Meats Plant in Lexington, Nebraska. The cooler dock area was where processed beef was stored and refrigerated to prepare for shipment. The ceiling had begun to deteriorate due to small rust holes and failures in the current paint system. We were brought in… Read More

Interior Warehouse Restoration to Maintenance Free Surfaces

For this interior warehouse restoration project, we converted painted brick walls and wood ceilings (surfaces that had required maintenance such as repainting, etc) to maintenance-free surfaces. The warehouse was very old and in need of updating. We were brought in to help bring this old warehouse back to life. An “all natural” beauty products company was to assume possession after the restoration.… Read More