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Sandblasting and Cleaning Services for the Kansas City Area

Blast-it-Clean began as a Dry Ice Cleaning Company and has evolved into the premier Cleaning and Stripping Company in the region. We have dedicated ourselves to owning and mastering both new and old technologies. With the largest toolbox in the industry, we will not force you into a singular solution. We use a multi-point analysis to determine the best solution for you.

  1. Review the surface to be cleaned or blasted.
  2. Analyze the material to be removed.
  3. Determine the finished look, after cleaning or blasting, the customer is aiming for.
  4. Evaluate other factors (environment, waste concerns, obstacles, etc., etc.).
  5. Recommend the process and media combination to achieve the desired finish without damaging the surface and at the most cost-effective rate.

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Fire Restoration Commercial Property

Earlier this year, we completed a Fire Restoration Commercial Property project as part of the Pickwick Plaza Building Restoration similar to our previous blog post. The project came to us from previously working with the General Contractor and Subcontractors on the Pickwick Building Restoration. During the renovation of the building, a fire broke out that smoked up the walls and… Read More

Building Window Renovation Project

Over the course of the last year, we have been completing a Building Window Renovation Project in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The project is for the Pickwick Building off Ninth and McGee. For the Pickwick Building Renovation project we have worked for four different contractors on different methods of blasting and cleaning. This blog post focuses specifically on the window… Read More

Front Building Facade Restoration

This blog post highlights a past project completing a Front Building Facade Restoration for the Kansas City Public Television building in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Our services for this project included pressure washing, media blasting, and industrial coating. Before media blasting the metal structure of the facade, we had to install protection to the windows, doors, and facade itself. A picture of the… Read More